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This message was sent to the Django: Under the Hood team

I feel totally overwhelmed, surprised and very, very grateful. Thank you for caring. You are unbelievable. You are a bunch of craziest, the most positive people I've met. You inspire me to give back to community even more. I wish I could express properly what I'm feeling right now...

May it always rain stroopwafels on you. But not all the time, that could be inconvenient. Only when you feel like having stroopwafels. Or someone that you like feels like having stroopwafels. Or you just want to make it rain stroopwafels.

Sending hugs, you crazy, amazing people!

Another contributed message

Thank you for writing such a great article. I’ve seen some of your other writing and ideas and you seem to capture difficult concepts very well. I’m really happy that you’re part of our community, and aspire to be as great in some of these things as you are some day :)